Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Music Video Finale

Ahhh the sweet smell of the end of school. But I'll get to that at the end. Now is the time for the intro to our last project: MUSIC VIDEOS. It seems to be an end of school tradition. The first one I did in 6th grade is still my favorite. Then the one in 7th grade made me actually dislike doing music videos, it was that bad. But, it's a new year, so I'm trying to get that music video mojo back. My teammates are Loren, Kaz, and Arianna, and our music video is The Reckless and the Brave, by All Time Low. Our story basically goes like this: All four of us are in different locations bored and unhappy about where they are. So we leave, meet up and have a blast together before saying bye to the town. We chose that kind of story because the lyrics relate to wanting to get out of a town because it doesn't relate to him.

For this project we need to make our shots fast paced. I think we did that well toward the end with the video cutting to several different places where we all just hang our and have fun. Because that's what friends do and stuff. We try to make the shots seem genuine by actually having fun and doing fun things. Otherwise it just looks like bad acting.

The thing about showing my best work is that I need pretty much complete freedom to really do something I feel passionate about. But, we are in school, in a classroom. A classroom that has rules and restrictions. So technically I can only apply the best work possible, rather than my true best work. With that in mind I feel like it shows my best work because my team worked hard at putting what we learned throughout the years in the video. Sequences, special effects, effort and emotion, that sort of thing. Whatever grade we get I know that we did what we believe is best.

Ok, with the required paragraphs in, I can now talk about the end of school. Yes this is the last blog post of the year and it may be the last post period, because I'm going to HIGH SCHOOL. I've been doing this since the beginning of middle school, and now middle school has come to an end. I don't know if I'm going to pick this blog back up next year, only time will tell. So if I never return, then this is my goodbye.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Animated Life Lessons

    So we've expanded on the .gif project and have been doing animations using the puppet warp tool. The point is to use our characters and our traits to make an animation. My team is Quinn and Kynan, good friends of mine. The character traits they used are lazy and pessimistic for Quinn, and happy and lazy for Kynan. We use those traits in the video all over the place really. When I post this you will see what I'm talking about.

The real humor of this story is the concept itself. It's a story about three friends who run out of Cheerios, so they must venture out to find more. When they get to the store, a frog man blows it up. After a quick and slightly anticlimactic fight they find a cave where a gremlin tells them there are Cheerios inside. They get tricked and are trapped in the cave with the gremlin who plans to eat them. But what the gremlin didn't know was that the trio had Kamehameha laser beam mind powers. They defeat the gremlin and find Cheerios in the sack he was carrying. YAY.  The end. After reading that I can't see why you wouldn't want to watch it. AND, as a bonus there's actually a life lesson to this, and that's that good things are worth fighting for, and to never give up.

Now I actually haven't worked with Kynan and Quinn on a project this year... I think. But even though we probably have not, we are still friends so that was a real plus. We were alright on the productivity scale, and our best moment had to be when we finished, obviously. But that also brings me to our biggest challenge. You see, we made the animation using the puppet warp tool in Photoshop. If you have used the puppet warp tool, you would know that it is a giant pile of hot GARBAGE. I mean seriously, not only is Photoshop one of the worst tools to animate, but the puppet warp tool takes hours of work using it and when your're done your animation looks like the prom night dumpster baby scene from Family Guy if all of his limbs were made of jam, and it was running on 10 frames per second. But, we got it done, and I suppose that's all that matters. Forgive and Forget. That's my policy. If I was old enough to drink, the forget part would come a lot faster. But, time will do for now.

Update - So the critique is over and we actually did pretty well. We were the funniest of the videos and voted best animation in the class. I guess it is something worth remembering after all.

Sorry about the size. I can't align anything with this site

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Character Development

The Finished .gif of me wave my arms so fast I break them... yea.
My pre-cutout picture
Hello Hello! I've returned with yet another blog post. Our project is another return of 6th Grade; gifs! Specifically gifs of ourselves with our own personality traits. Good things and bad alike. I see myself as satirical, and don't care what people see of me. I'm often sarcastic and have a short fuse. I always try to take charge, and can sometimes be seen as a jerk. I'm brutally honest and rather insensitive, and I have no fear of death and would give my life to protect any of my friends and family without a second thought. I'm always making light of a situation and try to make others feel better about themselves, whether they see it or not. I tend to use more of one personality than another depending what friend group I'm with. Oh, and I'm very forgetful. Huh, this might be harder than I thought.

For my animation gif, I plan to exaggerate more my forgetfulness and maybe my insensitivity. Only because the rest are a little hard to explain in an animation. I could do forgetfulness by maybe having me constantly tripping on a banana peel cause I forget that it's there. Or I could do insensitivity by having me walk past someone needing help, and then rejecting them and walking away. 'Guess we'll just have to wait and see... As it turns turns out, moving is a lot harder than I thought, so I couldn't do what I wanted to do with the time I had. Oops.
My Photoshop cutout

The first thing I had to do to make my .gif character is cut it out of the picture. I did this with the quick selection tool in Photoshop. Then using the puppet warp feature,  I animated it into doing stuff. The puppet warp tool is a lot harder than it seems and trying to fix my character would often turn it into spaghetti. By the time I finish this paragraph, I'll be trying to make my animation. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

.MOV Film Festival

Our production plan. Beautiful isn't it?
MOVIE TIME FOLKS. At least for my group. Our final project for the quarter is to enter a video for the .MOV Film Festival. The themes are "Tell me a Story" or "Make me Laugh", and my team chose "Tell me a Story". We're making a movie trailer about an evil tyrant that stole the worlds color, and a hero rises and defeats him(Or does she...).  We tried to make our keywords match the story as best as we could. They were Unfair, Dystopia, Color, Bravery, and Tyranny. You could relate to these keywords if you had someone in your life you thought was trying to control your life, and either you or someone put a stop to it.

Our main character is obviously the hero, played by Kasiah. She's lived in the poorest part of the dystopian world and hates the tyrant ruling it. We don't actually show the tyrant being defeated, but rather a build up to the actual fight. I suppose the message of this story can be many things, like think about others before you act, which is what we were going for.

Our biggest challenge would easily be the fact that we had one day to film, and during that time our battery died, and I managed to get a little more juice in it. We filmed for 4 hours straight and got all the footage we needed, but it was not easy. Imagine being told to clean an entire public bathroom in ten minutes, and then having your brush snap while cleaning. That's basically what it felt like. But we did it, and now as I'm writing this, we'll be halfway done with our editing. So wish me luck!

A little blooper trying to film the final scene
Us working on our production plan

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tiny Spherical Worlds

HI. Now that that's out of the way I can get to the point of this. Polar and spherical panoramas! Same with David Hockney, I've done this before in 6th grade, so I pretty much know the gist of this project. One thing I'm to explain to you is the point of composite images. Well, basically people like this style of photography because it combines visual elements of several photos into one, giving the illusion that all of those elements are a part of one scene. It's visually stimulating I suppose.

Now polar and spherical panos have a near identical process, but look completely different. Polar panos look like little planets the way they're Photoshopped, with an atmosphere and everything. Spherical panos on the other hand look like a wheel of land with the sky in the middle. It's a pretty significant difference.

Now you don't just press a few buttons and have a planet in front of you. At first, it will look completely broken and hideous. It's your job to make it look convincing with the help of the stamp tool and the smudge and blur tool in Photoshop. If you've done this right, you should have a convincing planet... Or wheel thing.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hockney Style Joiners

You wouldn't be able to tell, but I've been sick for a week, and completely missed any and everything about our project. I still gotta do it, otherwise you wouldn't see this post. Anyway, remember that one guy I talked about two years ago named David Hockney? Well, we are doing his photomontages again this year. When I make photomontages, I keep it simple. I'm not artistically vast and creative, but I get the job done. David has more experience than me when it comes to art, so he's clearly better at photomontages than me. I mean he INVENTED them.

Now, images have been known to send certain emotions toward people, giving the images a message which can be positive or negative. For example, if you look at a picture of say, pie, you might feel a positive feeling. Now say you look at a picture of dead puppies, you may feel a sad or negative feeling. This happens with all photos, because some things are visually stimulating to see and make you feel things.

Now my final photomontage is supposed to display a message, so I felt it was necessary to do the project on my mango tree in my yard. I chose it because it's really ancient and old and we use it's mangoes when they're ready. So I guess it's meant to represent giving and age. Something like that. When you work late you just get ideas and they work out. It's how I got to 8th grade.

Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Aspirations

My photo of a tree
The New Year has made me realize that I've been making blog posts for three years, and that's like, a long time ago. I have changed a lot since then. Now, I don't usually make New Years resolutions because a lot can happen in a year, and it will more than likely be forgotten. But, I'll have to make an exception. My first and probably most important goal is to be more proactive. Recently, I've been better at putting work before entertainment, but it's been difficult. Second, I want to be more active. Things like riding my bike, and going outside more. Third, I want to learn to play an instrument. Preferably guitar or violin. Fourth, during my windows of free time, I've been trying to platinum Fallout 4. Once thats done, I'm gonna complete more games completely, because a wise man once said, "Finish what you start". Only problem is, I keep playing rage games. My final goal is to time manage better, because I've become more and more busy, and I haven't been able to do it all without stressing out hard.

Like I said, my most important goal is to be more proactive. I wouldn't be able to accomplish any goal I make if I wasn't proactive. For the longest time, I would do things last minute, and that got me in a lot of trouble. Now, I've been doing better in setting reminders and doing things on time. Being proactive is always the best option. It builds a better life. I should know, because I experienced it.
My photo of a fruit. (Kiwi)

My photo of a flower (Hibiscus)
Now, you can't just wake up and be proactive. It takes time and determination. I still have trouble remembering to do things, but its very easy to be successful at what you want to do it. When I get told to do something, someday, at some time, I set reminders. Always set reminders, because it's very possible you will forget about it. The only difficult thing about setting reminders is, well, doing it in the first place. If your like me, you'll get told to do something while your busy, and decide to set the reminder when you're done with what you were doing. Then when you're done, you forget to set the reminder, thus forgetting to do it. So, if you are going to set reminders, do it immediately, before you forget, and success will be coming your way. Also, in my class we are takin a photo of something specific everyday and these pictures are of what I took.